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More-So, the Moroso Gallery of Wonders is one of Moroso S.p.A.’s internal divisions created with the goal of promoting research and experimentation in furniture design, generating art-driven ideas and creating one-of-a-kind or limited-edition furnishings and objects dedicated to an audience of signature design enthusiasts.

The encounter between design and contemporary art has characterised Moroso since the early 1990s, enhancing the experimental component of its industrial production and making Patrizia Moroso one of the most influential and authoritative players at an international level. For the company, this approach was vital and necessary, capable of creating and sharing innovation with different players in the creative industry, from architects and other high-level professionals to production chains, the world of cultural institutions and students, as well as customers and end users.

Through More-So, Moroso is promoting the development of new products for its catalogue framing an intermediate space between prototyping and industrial production, translating research into objects, spaces and behaviours that mirror the ongoing changes of society. The result is a more agile and sustainable innovation process.

The name “More-So”, a clever invention by Ron Arad, one of the most influential contemporary designers and artists and Co-Creative Director of More-So, plays on the English pronunciation of the word “Moroso”. It is a bold step, and one that introduces a curatorial framework that is open to dialogue and exchange with cultural sectors like architecture, fashion, philosophy, and technology.

Mainly manufactured in Italy under the supervision of specialised professionals and Moroso craftsmen and craftswomen, More-So works are distributed through the Moroso flagship store in New York and a selected network of partnered galleries.