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Ron Arad discusses Matrizia’s past and design approach

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Patrizia Moroso and Ron were hosting a talk about design process at a venue during Design Miami. Little did anyone know, Ron had a surprise up his sleeve.

The audience becomes a witness of the design process, breaking the 4th wall; Ron Arad suggests an experiment and asks if they want to see him pitch a new product to Patrizia.

The response is a choral, resounding “Yes”. He then unveils his new project, to both Patrizia and the audience, Matrizia: a matrass for Patrizia…

Ron Arad and More-So revisit an ambitious unreleased project from the past: Matrizia

Seven years later, after being presented by Moroso in 2015, Ron Arad’s Matrizia will be produced in a collector’s edition for More-So. Early orders are now available, prior to its public sale in June 2023.

More-So is exploration, beyond the boundaries of conventional industrial production. A bridge between the worlds of design and contemporary art, where vision and ideas are translated into reality. An open dialogue towards engaging with new manufacturing challenges. More-So is to wonder.