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Design By Nature

Design Miami/Basel

Front unveil their Design by Nature project for the public, in a display showcasing the 4-year-long research process that led to the Nature Furniture Collection. A collection of design pieces made in collaboration with More-So that invites the wilderness indoors.

Pictures, sketches, concepts and scans illustrate the journey of this project from its early days of exploring the wilderness and the creativity found within, to the refined ideas and prototypes. 3D imaging is a key component of this project’s research process, producing a clear image of normally unexplored locations such as a bear’s den or a miniscule mole cricket’s burrow, and providing insight into the animal world and the creativity of its inhabitants.

A rocky moss-cloaked mound sits at the centre of the installation. From afar that would be the natural conclusion, but at close quarters the fabric’s details reveal its true nature, soft and welcoming, enriched by the embroidery personally applied by the designers, Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren. The Nature Furniture Collection along with the wider Design by Nature Project are on display at Art Basel/Miami stand X 06 Halle 1.1 from 21-26 September 2021.

Messeplatz 10

Basel, CH

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