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About More-So

What is More–So?

More-So is the name of Moroso’s internal division through which the company develops, produces and sells experimental and research pieces and works, creating original furnishing accessories, objects and items, each certified by its author, for the international markets of functional art and collectable design.

Why has a trademark different from Moroso been registered?

More-So is a registered trademark created to distinguish experimental products from industrial ones attributed to the Moroso brand. The existence of another brand is a fundamental prerequisite for making this distinction as clear as possible and regulating the relationship with the author, the customer, and any potential middlemen.

About More-So Works

What are the characteristics of a work produced by More–So?

The works and pieces referred to by More-So are contemporary collector’s items – available in single, limited or numbered editions – and are to be considered original and unique creations; they are produced in a predetermined quantity and are not mass produced. The pieces can be new, re-editions of archived projects no longer in the Moroso catalogue or special editions of products present in the catalogue.

What makes More–So works different from Moroso products?

More-So works, even though they might be produced using industrial techniques and processes, are not to be considered serialised products. As such, depending on the different nature of materials used, their intended functional purpose and production techniques, their characteristics may vary from one piece to another, or be unique and non-replicable.

How are the More–So works categorized?

Each work falls into a category that determines its availability, price and purchase conditions.

  • Unique
  • Studio Piece
  • Limited Edition
  • Numbered Edition

A work is “Unique” when a single copy of the item has been produced (one-of-a-kind), thus without any foreseeable development of future editions, including prototype and artist proofs.

A “Studio Piece” is the result of a research process, a singular piece produced directly by the author or with the assistance of specialised craftsmen on the principle of exploration.

A “Limited Edition” work is part of a pre-established number of copies determined by the author and the More-So Board, as well as the number of prototypes and artist proofs the author deems necessary to reach the desired quality, aesthetic and formal standards.

A “Numbered Edition” is a series that does not foresee a numerical or time-frame limit.

Every piece will be dated and authenticated by the author at the time of purchase.

About buying a More–So Work

Is it possible to view the works before purchasing them?

More-So has a small gallery inside the Moroso flagship store in New York; the works displayed will always be highlighted on the website. In the “Exhibition” tab of the website it will be possible to discover any location (galleries, exhibitions, events) where they are currently on display to appreciate the works first hand. Alternatively, if a visit is not possible, it will be possible to request a private viewing through a video-conference program or platform.

What are the estimated delivery times of More–So works?

Delivery times are estimated based on the specific characteristics of the ordered work and can be between 4 and 16 weeks. Delivery times are calculated by considering production, administrative and shipping times, both within Moroso S.p.A. and those of any potential third party suppliers.