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The work of the Swedish design duo, Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren, reveal an innovative approach to the traditional canons of Scandinavian design, towards a more artistic and articulate sphere.

In their expressive language, the use of visual impact becomes a means to navigate a space half-way between irony and magic; before answering to the functional demands for which it was designed, the product is lived as a tale that captivates the observer, invited to discover through “surprise” the premises underlying the design process.

Front’s work is represented at MoMA (New York), Victoria & Albert Museum (London), M+ (Hong Kong), Nationalmuseum (Stockholm), Vitra Design Museum (Weil am Rhein) and Centre Pompidou (Paris).

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Design by Nature: Wilderness becomes part of the living space

Design Journey   |  

Front Design invites the wilderness indoors with a collection of design pieces made in collaboration with More-So that mimic portions and elements of the natural world.

Past Exhibition

Forest Wandering

Teatro Filodrammatici di Milano

Stepping into the wilderness and being presented with a scenery only nature could devise: light filtering though the canopy, water gently flowing in the distance, wind carrying the sounds of the entire forest. Invited to roam freely, intrigued by the shifting colours and textures, ever deeper into the performance put on display. A welcoming serenade for all to witness, in a wooded amphitheatre of moss, timber, and rock, where resting boulders offer themselves as the ideal seating for such a spectacle. With Forest Wanderings, Moroso is presenting its new sofa system by Front Design, Pebble Rubble, in collaboration with Kvadrat Febrik, reinterpreting this experience in a show of projections and musical ambiance at the Teatro dei Filodrammatici in Milan.

Teatro Filodrammatici di Milano
Via Filodrammatici 1
Milan, IT
6→ 12.6.2022