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Wilderness Sofa

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Wilderness Sofa
Front, 2021

The Wilderness Sofa is part of the Nature Furniture collection. The forms used to create this product are the result of a scanning process that the designers conducted in the Swedish forests. Rocky mounds covered in moss were photographed from different angles to create a complete 2D image of their surfaces. They were then scanned with specialised equipment to obtain a 3-dimensional digital model that preserved all the bumps and concavities present on the boulders. The 2D image of the surface became the base for a cotton-based Gobelin textile that mimics the fine details of the photographed object, from the deep shadows to the glistening moss. The 3D model of the structure has been resized and adapted for the living space.

The Wilderness Sofa is available in 3 variations: small, medium and big, each of which features a different textile derived from separate portions of the Swedish woods.

The pictures are for reference only.

  • Weight 180 kg
  • Dimensions L364.5 W190 H92.5 (max.) cm
  • Edition size Edition of 4 + 1 PR + 1 AP

Design by Nature: Wilderness becomes part of the living space

Design Journey   |  

Front Design invites the wilderness indoors with a collection of design pieces made in collaboration with More-So that mimic portions and elements of the natural world.

The Nature Furniture Collection is part or a wider project, born of years of effort and research by the Swedish design duo Front: Design by Nature. The aim was to explore the forms, structures and textures found in the wild in a project that included furniture, objects and textiles directly informed by natural phenomena.

They set out to investigate the creative force of animals, natural systems, and how natural phenomena, as well as the ingenious creativity found in flora and fauna, could inspire us to find new creative ways of adapting to changes in our environment while also understanding nature’s ability to recover if given the chance to do so...

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The work of the Swedish design duo, Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren, reveal an innovative approach to the traditional canons of Scandinavian design, towards a more artistic and articulate sphere...

Past Exhibition

Forest Wandering

Teatro Filodrammatici di Milano

Stepping into the wilderness and being presented with a scenery only nature could devise: light filtering though the canopy, water gently flowing in the distance, wind carrying the sounds of the entire forest. Invited to roam freely, intrigued by the shifting colours and textures, ever deeper into the performance put on display. A welcoming serenade for all to witness, in a wooded amphitheatre of moss, timber, and rock, where resting boulders offer themselves as the ideal seating for such a spectacle. With Forest Wanderings, Moroso is presenting its new sofa system by Front Design, Pebble Rubble, in collaboration with Kvadrat Febrik, reinterpreting this experience in a show of projections and musical ambiance at the Teatro dei Filodrammatici in Milan.

Teatro Filodrammatici di Milano
Via Filodrammatici 1
Milan, IT
6→ 12.6.2022