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Big Easy Made in Africa #4

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Big Easy Made in Africa #4
Ron Arad, 2023

A new iteration of an iconic piece of design; its volume abundant and exaggerated, its shape unmistakeable.

The Big Easy Made in Africa by Ron Arad is manufactured by the skilled artisans of the M’Afrique workshops while in constant contact with him to view and review the project. Ron’s 2019 Modou collection for Moroso was his first direct encounter with M’Afrique, a different and surprising reality that captured his attention and imagination. Intuition led him to wonder what his Big Easy would look like if it mixed with that reality; metal would be the material of choice. A steel frame serves as a supporting structure for colourful sheets recovered from metal oil drums specifically chosen by the artist, which are then carefully welded together. Lastly, a fine lacquer is applied to protect the piece.

Each one is hand-crafted in Dakar in a collection of unique works designed by Ron Arad in collaboration with More-So and M’Afrique.

  • Weight 55 kg
  • Dimensions L133 W88 H94 cm
  • Edition size Unique Piece

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Ron Arad

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1951, Ron Arad has defiantly placed himself on the edge between sculpture, architecture, and industrial design since the 80’s, with a never-ending creative process capable of mixing artisanal techniques and advanced industrial technology...