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Photo: Tom Vack

Photo: Tom Vack

Ron Arad, 2023

A sofa-sculpture, an exemplary blend of design skill and craftsmanship. A chance encounter becomes the pretext for creating a sofa that overcomes the temptation of the ready-made, stepping back from its provocative or symbolic scope. A wool mattress abandoned on a pavement offers itself up as an objet trouvé, encouraging an imaginary operation of salvage and decontextualization. The mattress, at the end of its life cycle, inspires ides for new forms of use in the designer, offering itself as the starting point for further structural analysis – a short step. Matrizia, a witty fusion of the word mattress with Patrizia, takes shape in the Moroso workshops, configured as a sofa-sculpture, an exemplary blend of design skill and craftsmanship.

A limited edition will be finalised and released in June 2023, and pre-orders are now being taken.

The pictures are for reference only.

  • Weight Soon available
  • Dimensions Soon available

Ron Arad discusses Matrizia’s past and design approach

Conversation with   |  

Patrizia Moroso and Ron were hosting a talk about design process at a venue during Design Miami. Little did anyone know, Ron had a surprise up his sleeve.

The audience becomes a witness of the design process, breaking the 4th wall; Ron Arad suggests an experiment and asks if they want to see him pitch a new product to Patrizia.

The response is a choral, resounding “Yes”. He then unveils his new project, to both Patrizia and the audience, Matrizia: a matrass for Patrizia...


Ron Arad

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1951, Ron Arad has defiantly placed himself on the edge between sculpture, architecture, and industrial design since the 80’s, with a never-ending creative process capable of mixing artisanal techniques and advanced industrial technology...